Individual Therapy for Adults

Things just aren’t… working

You’re overwhelmed, sad, anxious – but you can’t figure out why.

You’ve been struggling to keep up with demands at work and home – it’s an uphill climb, and most days, you feel as though you’re sliding further and further down.

Perhaps you’re going through a significant challenge, such as a job or relationship change, or you’re just not happy with your current life circumstances.

Or maybe you’ve achieved success – reached a level that you thought would bring you happiness – but instead, you’re simultaneously over – and under-whelmed.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

This time in your life was supposed to be… different. You’re managing, but that’s not really living. You’re surviving but not really making forward motion. You’re getting by, but how much longer? You’ve reached a critical point.

You crave change, more stability, greater control in your life.

You want things to be better – stronger. You sense – you know – they can be. You just don’t know how to make it happen. And that can be a very lonely place.

There is a way forward – a way to start moving again.

But you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

I’m here to help! I’ll create an environment of compassion, safety, respect, and empathy.

Together, we’ll navigate your current emotional challenges.

You’ll learn to set healthy boundaries and use assertive communication skills to get your needs met from those around you.

It’s time for progress – positive change.

Stop floundering alone. Reach out to me today.

Through empathy, support, and unconditional acceptance, I will meet you where you are.

Together, we’ll determine your next steps forward to create the life you truly desire. (562) 400-5394